Making changes for positive outcomes

Our mission is to take responsible decisions to benefit our community, customers, and the environment around us.

We are leading the way on sustainability at Central Retail Park Falkirk and in the surrounding environment and seek to provide tenants and visitors with information on ESG-related issues plus opportunities for action to create positive change.

Biodiversity at Central Retail Park Falkirk


Bird boxes, bug hotels, and hedgehog hotels have been constructed to bring nature into the park.

Landscapers use only electric battery-powered tools on site, minimising disruption to the insects and animals that live at the park.

Discussions are underway with Plan Bee to incorporate hives at the park.

Energy / Carbon

100% of our electricity in public spaces comes from renewable sources like wind and solar.

Energy & Carbon at Central Retail Park Falkirk
Community and Social at Central Retail Park Falkirk

Community & Social

A community garden is currently under development, spreading awareness of biodiversity and composting.